EONN-ic EclectionsPress Release

Company: EONN-ic

World Premiere of the Last Woman Hanged in Australia

featuring: Emanda Percival / Matt Butcher / Nicholas Whyatt / Orlena Steele-Prior.

EONN-ic Eclections

Three short plays that illustrate how the human psyche performs in the face of love, money and friendship.


‘Mulv’ by Kate Toon.

In a comic look at how money can twist the mind, four advertising executives are charged with selling their own flesh.

‘Spots’ by Steven Hopley

A postmodern look at how the human mind reacts to fear and friendship. As a group of friends come face to face with their own mortality, their minds dictate if it’s all for one and one for all, or each man for himself.

‘The Badger Game’ by Kate Toon

The power and perverseness of our minds in the pursuit of true love is brought to life in the retelling of Jean Lee’s story, the last woman to be hanged in Victoria, Australia.

The world premiere of the three plays will be performed by EONN-ic, a troupe of Australian actors at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Mon – Sat, 6th – 22nd August

6:30pm – 7:30pm

The Space @ Jury’s Inn, Theatre 1 (venue 260)

£7 / £5

0845 508 8387 / 0131 226 0000

Directors: Kate Gaul / Jarod Green

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